How to create profiting accounts

This tutorial is meant for node operators/oracle/merchants/yield operators, those accounts are created for easy dividend distribution to stakers and owner.

In order to create a profiting account go to “Settings” tab, and click on “PROFITING” button of the desired master account, will show a new window.

Enter an account name for easily keeping track of the profiting accounts, select the account type Node/Oracle/Merchant/Yield, enter share ratio between 0% and 100% ( the share that will be distributed to stakers ), enter number of seats from 0 to 100.

Click “OK” button, the newly created profiting account will appear in the list below.

Yield account:

If you create a Yield account, all deposited tokens on that profiting account ID will be distributed to all stakers and to owner account according to the share ratio between owner and stakers and the quantity of tokens staked by stakers when you click “CREATE DIVIDENDS” button and/or twice per day.

Node account:

All node fee reward is distributed to the node owner account and stakers staking accounts according to the share ratio and to stakers according to the tokens staked by each one when you click “CREATE DIVIDENDS” button and/or twice per day.

When the owner estabilish the share proportion need to take into account that each create dividends operation will cost him 2LYR, because this fee is distributed to node operators and all node operators will pay the same amount, those 2LYR will come back as a profit and distributed on next create dividends operation.

To copy the profiting account ID click on the ID and will be copied to clipboard.

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