ETH/LYR pool filled with liquidity

We are glad to announce that the ETH/LYR SWAP is fully functional, now users are able to SWAP tokens cross chain with one of the lowest fee on the market.

Users are able to SWAP ETH, TRX, USDT on Tron and LYR between them.

In order to use the SWAP you need to deposit your ETH, TRX and/or USDT on Tron to DEX if you don’t have any LYR on your account please contact one admin on to send you some LYR token to be able to create a DEX ETH, TRX or USDT on Tron account address.

After depositing and see your ETH, TRX or USDT on Tron balance on DEX account you need to transfer them from DEX account to spot account pushing the UP arrow button.

After the above actions you can go to SWAP and SWAP/Trade your tokens.

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