Lyra Pay for daily life

philosophy of lyra

Lyra technology is designed and coded from the ground up, which allowed to include most recent achievements in blockchain technologies such as DAG-style block-lattice ledger, DPoS (delegated proof of stake) consensus, CryptoNote privacy techniques, and more. Those technologies in turn enable features that allow Lyra to achieve mass adoption by mainstream business: very high scalability with thousands of TPS (transactions per second), instant authorizations and settlements, private transactions, super light wallets, no locked wallet balances, unlimited custom tokens (including NFT), “on-chain” DEX (decentralized exchange), and more. The payment industry will never take crypto seriously before these key features are present!

Lyra is designed to be used in peoples’ daily life. Whatever buying a coffee, rent a car, or even pay your monthly bill.

Unlike traditional bitcoin-like crypto, where all transactions are compiled in blocks in a single blockchain, block lattice is a collection of multiple blockchains. Each user account adds transactions to its own blockchain. Block lattice in conjunction with the delegated proof of stake (DPoS) enables unique features that cannot be achieved with traditional architecture.

key feature

Instant settlement

Unlike other cryptos like Bitcoin and Ehtereum, Lyra Pay users never have to spend several minutes or half an hour waiting for confirmation. Whatever send or receive, All transaction is instant.

Low fees

Lyra nodes are very light-weighted so they cost minimal energy to run. So we don’t need to set a high fee to make the whole network sustainable. Current the fee per transaction is < $0.001.

Wallet app

Lyra Pay has a full line of wallet App that supports mobile phone, PC/Mac/Linux. Lyra Pay also has a command line, and API for 3rd part to integrate with.

Hardware Wallet

Lyra Pay also supports a credit card like hardware wallet. It allows you to protect your private key by PIN.

speed is everything

Lyra Pay has special blockchain structures, by which every user has their own chain, and more importantly, every chain is separately operational. You never need to wait for others.

The duration of a single transaction is constantly below one second.

Lyra blockchain uses an advanced Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm called SBFT, S stands for Scalable. With the support of SBFT Lyra blockchain can achieve 2,000+ TPS, which is slightly more than the current VISA network can handle.


Although PoS blockchains still utilize cryptography, Lyra blockchain’s energy consumption is dramatically lower than PoW-driven alternatives. Because authorizing nodes do not need to solve extremely complex puzzles to prove their work on PoS blockchains, the required processing power is much lower. By utilizing the PoS consensus algorithm, Lyra is one of the leading cryptos that is energy-efficient and responsible for growing environmental awareness.


Lyra Pay is designed from the very beginning to be the payment system for the future. Lyra Pay is instant, fast, secure, and environmentally friendly. Welcome to the future of crypto!